Bricks for Five Mile School

Do you really want to help us buy a piece of land and help build a new school.

In Newton Five Mile. The children still have a lesson in a church building but it has been sold.

So they must have a new building as soon as possible.The building of the Geesje Methodist primary school in Five has started with the help of Protestantse gemeente Tjalleberd – De Knipe



Books for Life


Thanks to the books for life donation, the youth group from Five Mile can continue with their agricultural projects.

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes African Edition Friday, July 6, 2012 at Party Cafe Salsa

Simon Venema is an enthusiastic graduate student organizes DANCE FESTIVAL for students in Heerenveen

Yield for children Sierra Leone.




SDV Students

4th year pupils of the SDV OSG Sevenwolden support our goals return € 183.60

Students, the Sport Security and Services; have also organized various activities this year. This has yielded a very nice amount for Thank you.

Fancy Fair by Vakcollege Student

Great enthusiastic action organized by Vakcollege Heerenveen

Students at the seminar organized a beautiful evening on Thursday 19 May 2011

for the St. Rose School. There could be a lot of activities. In addition, there were many

home-made items sold.

Revenue € 2100,00 euro

Dansmarathon Fedde Schurerplein Heerenveen


Millennium Goal 2: All children in 2015 to school.

The students of the OSG Sevenwolden Fedde Schurerlein Heerenveen have been on the move for 24 hours.

Also there was a art auction where beautiful works of art were auctioned for the completion of the ST. Rose School waterloo freetown Sierra Leone.

Yielded € 6485,00 euro



Lesmarathon klas A3A OSG Sevenwolden

From 8 o’clock to 8 o’clock take classes. For the children of Sierra Leone. It was a great night with many different and interesting lessons. History, Mathematics, Music, German, Chemistry. They’ve got a lot of it

Successful Action SDV students

Students of the SDG (Sport Services and Safety) training of OSG Sevenwolden from Heerenveen collected money, giving workshops, organizing a row of fortune and a spinning contest. Revenue € 975.20


Do you also find our projects worthwhile?
Help us set up and implement actions so that we can continue to support the school & children
below are the stories of actions that have been completed.
Do you also want to organize something for Earthian Roots? Then contact!
SOCIAL STAGE: Do you want to do a social internship with us? Which can? Organize a sponsorship or help with promotional activities! Sell secound hand items in a  market, collect empty bottles or wash cars for this purpose.

Reunion commission gives donation

DONATION REUNION COMMISSION RIJKS HBS HEERENVEEN During the reunion of former HBS students in Heerenveen, the proceeds of the presentation were held by the current director of the OSG Sevenwolden donated to our foundation. € 250,00 

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