Partner organisatie in Freetown, Sierra Leone:
T.E.D.E.W.O.S.I.L:  (Thorough empowerment and Development for women Sierra Leone)
Contact: Martha Chigozie, information:

Youth project Soccer teams

The youth of Sierra Leone likes to play soccer. 

They made their own club: FC Rooske

The youth of Five Mile has organised 3 teams to play in the competition

  • boys team under 16
  • boysteam from 16
  • girls team under 16

Agriculture / Cashew production


Growing cashew nuts

In the south of Sierra Leone we are working together with foundation Earthian Roots Sierra Leone to start a cashew nut plantation in Gofor near the Liberian Border.

We started planting on the land in January 2012, the cashew plants are growing well. We hope that after three years they will bear their first fruits.

In developing the country, + / 50 villagers from Gofor will be connected. They will in the future
also be held responsible for the maintenance of the plantation,



Scholarship for children

You can help this children to go to school So that they will have a better future for 25 euro.


Cassave plantage

 The first harvest of cassave 2017



Youth group project

In 2013, we started to mobilize Youth from Five Mile for a small-scale agricultural project. The first year we could use land made available by an owner. This was the first time for peanuts Thanks to donations from the Netherlands, a cassava machine was purchased to make cassava flour. Soon the restoration of the first cassave field will begin.

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