Earthian Roots Foundation aims to “support children, youth and adults in building the country after war and crisis situations”.

    “Now is the time to rebuild”

That is the words of Jonas Williams, the chairman and founder of this foundation from Sierra Leone.
He chose his dream as a child to become a singer, a way to escape the chaos and the lack of stability in his homeland. He founded the Earthian Roots with friends in the early 1990s.
His inspiration is characterized by spirituality, reality and humanity.
In the meantime he has found his happiness in the Netherlands and wants to share his knowledge with his countrymen.
We want children & young people.

    Learning skills aimed at improving their position in society.
    Develop themselves in a good atmosphere and can grow without violence.
    by setting up activities so that they get an incentive to develop. These include activities and workshops in the fields of sports, culture, education agriculture and health.
    Being able to develop into responsible and happy adults in their society.

We are looking for partnerships with schools and other organizations in the Netherlands and worldwide, so that the activities can be carried out.


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